• Nemea is the beautiful land of soft hills with endless vineyards, great wines and its very own grape variety named Agiorgitiko.

  • Famous mythology

    and eventful history since ancient times.

  • Enjoy a glass of wine

    made from the indigeous grape variety Agiorgitiko.
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Welcome to Nemea

Nemea is a mythical land, where the legendary Agiorgitiko wine is born. Live a unique experience and taste great Nemea wines in some of the most well known Greek wineries.


Nemea is the beautiful land of soft hills with endless vineyards, great wines, its very own grape variety named Agiorgitiko, famous mythology and eventful history since ancient times. Only an hour away from Athens you will find yourself in the middle of the sprouting landscape with a wide range of activities like hiking, mountain cycling or archery and of course wine tastings. It is the perfect place to enjoy the view with a glass of wine and escape from the hectic days in the city.

Wines and Wineries

The Wines and Wineries

Nemea is the birthplace of the variety Agiorgitiko, a red grape that is growing for millennia in the area and is named after Agios Giorgos (Saint George), the old name of the city. The region has more than 45 wineries that everyone makes its own interpretation of Agiorgitiko.

From a young, fresh red wine with no oak aging released just month after the harvesting with medium acidity, soft tannins and fresh aromas of wild red fruits over aged in oak barrels that gives the wine a deep color, concentrated aromas of red fruit and an aromatic complexity, until the rose and semi-sparkling versions you can find for every social moment the right wine. There are some of the most famous Greek wineries here but also a large number of high quality boutique wineries for you to discover.


The Mythology

The name Nemea comes from the Naiad Nymph from the springs of the town, daughter of the local river-god Asopos.

It was here in Nemea where Hercules completed his first labor and killed the Nemean Lion. Because the golden fur of the lion was impenetrable, Hercules had to strangle the beast with his bared hands to death. While fighting with the lion, the creature scratched Hercules on his shoulder and the blood of Hercules sprinkled the grapes next to them. The fruits turned red and that’s how the first Agiorgitiko grape was born. His sixed labor brought Hercules again in the area of Nemea. He had to kill the stymphalian birds that they were nesting in the Lake of Stymfalia. Heracles shook a rattle and frightened the birds into the air and shot with poisonous arrows.


The History

Nemea has an eventful history. The area has been inhabited since Early Neolitic times (6000 to 5000 BCE). It was holder of the Nemean games as a part of the Panhellenic religious and athletic cycle of festivities held also in Delphi, Istmia and Olympia, the famous Olympic Games. The city was involved in the wars between Sparta and Athens and battle place of the last known victory of the Spartans. Since ancient times the area of Nemea has been known for its wine.

Today Nemea is the biggest vineyard zone and one of the most important AOC regions of Greece. You can visit the Temple of Zeus and the archaeologic Stadium where you can participate every four years at the revival of the Nemean Games. The new town of Nemea is located a few kilometers west of the ancient Nemea.